Break Through Banking

In a derelict, abandoned office in the outskirts of Amsterdam, a small group of visionaries gathers to charge an antiquated but powerful finance industry. Their dream: a fully mobile, truly independent bank focused on people, not money.

Firing off one game-changing innovation after the other, bunq quickly becomes a technological and ideological trailblazer that takes the world by storm.

How did bunq do it?

Defiance, courage, endurance and profound euphoria color the epic journey that gave us bunq: bank of The Free.

The first edition is also available in e-pub.


Break Through Banking: the trials and tribulations of a start-up ready to take over the world.

bunq is no typical bank run by middle-aged men in expensive suits who make their money by taking risks with your money. It’s quite the opposite. bunq is a club full of young pups in their twenties, dragged and lured to Amsterdam from all over the world, taken by Ali’s charisma and his plan. To use new technology and start a bank that doesn’t take risks by piggybacking on your money. A bank that makes its earnings simply by providing an excellent service to its clients. Is that even possible? In a tiny country like the Netherlands? Before the big boys in the USA beat them to it?

Hard-won victories

Break Through Banking is a story about hard-won victories over supervisors and red tape. About breakthroughs and setbacks, personal dramas, arguments and reconciliations. Real stamina and the guts to start over again and again. It’s the romance of a start-up, but also the tragedy of compromise and grudging acceptance that the world can only move so fast.

Today it’s World Book Day! We celebrate and launch Break Through Banking!

Today, the 23rd of April, it’s World Book Day. This UNESCO event serves to promote reading, publishing and copyright. Why today? Because on this date, in 1616, Cervantes, Shakespeare and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega died.

‘Breken met banken’: het startup-verhaal van bunq

‘We zijn een paar dagen verder, maar de boeklancering dreunt nog stevig na… wat een feest was dat ? ! Na ons QR-avontuur in Amsterdam hebben we de bunqer omgetoverd tot party zone en met schrijver Siebe en wat vrienden een drankje (of twee, of… ? ) gedronken. De koffieautomaat draaide de volgende ochtend overuren, maar het was de moeite waard – de boeklancering was awesome! Jullie allemaal superbedankt voor een onvergetelijke dag!’

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